Providing Home and Hospice Health Servicesfor Over a Decade

Your Care isOur Focus

Comanche County Memorial Hospital has been providing home health services for decades. We know that home care shouldn’t prevent you from living your life to its highest quality. That’s why our staff of professionals makes YOUR care and your FAMILY their number one focus.

24/7 Service &Quality Care

We offer 24-hour service while serving 10 counties 7 days a week because we care. You can trust us to provide you with the highest quality care and assistance.

Experience LifeFully & Comfortably

CCMH believes that everyone deserves the ability to live their best life, regardless of their situation. Home care doesn’t mean you stop enjoying life and miss out on your favorite parts – instead, our dedicated team of professionals strive to ensure you experience life as fully and comfortably as able.

Home Health & HospiceProfessionals

CCMH offers a directory of healthcare professionals where you can search, find and schedule an appointment with the correct medical provider for you. If you would like to discuss your home health and hospice options with a primary care provider, click the button below.