Quality of Life &Personal Independence

Comanche County Memorial Hospital Home Health & Hospice Care provides patients with a higher quality of life while maintaining personal independence within your home.

Cared for by aSpecialized Team

Our specialized team of registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, nutritionists, speech therapists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, home health aides and medical social workers are ready and available to work with you and your family to develop an individual plan of care. 

SkilledNursing Care

Our licensed practical nurses and registered nurses are ready to assist you with any medication changes and alterations in your health status, while also being your physician’s point of contact for such changes and laboratory results.

Personal Care

A home health aide can assist you with grooming and light chores around your home. Home health care will verify if home health aide services are covered by your insurance policy.

Physical Therapy

A physical therapist will be available to assist you in regaining and maintaining mobility, so you can feel comfortable in your home and beyond.

Speech Therapy

A speech therapist may also be involved in your plan of treatment, working with you to regain and maintain your ability to effectively communicate with others.

Medical Social Work

A medical social worker may be available to you and your family for assistance in the social, financial and emotional factors impacting personal care. This involves evaluating your home situation, financials, and the community resources available to you. Counseling may also be available to help you adjust and address issues relating to your situation.

Nutrition Counseling

A nutritionist will be available to you for evaluation and counseling of your nutritional needs during your home health and hospice experience.

Laboratory Screening

We perform regular lab screenings to make sure your treatment plan is working for you.

House Calls

House calls are an important aspect of home health & hospice. If you need to contact our team for house calls, please click here.

Pediatric Services

Home care isn’t determined by age, and our team will be here to ensure you and your family receive the best care possible. If your child requires extra care and attention to achieve their highest quality of life, CCMH Home Health & Hospice is here.

Geriatric Services

Having an extra hand to ensure your health is nothing to be ashamed of. Our top priority is your care, wellbeing and ability to feel independent in your own home.

Wound, Skin & Continence Care

Identifying the best course of treatment and care for you is our goal. That’s why our home care team is trained to assist you in any situation.